King Token (KGT) for ETH Total Supply

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KGT are Burned on Every Transfer
Current Burning Rate: -%


Effortless Proof of Stake Mining
Current Daily Return: -%


King Centralized Monetary Authority
Regulate Token Supply and Policies

What is King Token?

King Token (KGT) is a ERC20 compatible Crypto Token hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is the first Deflationary AND Mineable Token, with its own Centralized Monetary Authority (KCMA) that actively calibrates the Deflation (Burning) rate and the Inflation (Mining) rate, in order to regulate the Token Supply and create a wealth generation effect for all the King Token holders.

You can check King Token (KGT) on Etherscan at:

Burning (Deflationary Mechanism)

The King Tokens adopt a Deflationary built-in Mechanism, also known as "burning". Every time a transfer of King Tokens takes place, a % (burning rate) of the amount of transfered tokens is destroyed ("burned").
The Deflationary Mechanism is essential to keep the Total Supply of King Tokens in check, and create a "scarcity" effect, giving monetary value to the Token itself whenever needed.

Proof of Stake Mining (Inflationary Mechanism)

King Tokens can be "Mined", with a Proof of Stake mechanism. Proof of Stake means that in order to Mine King Tokens, you need to already posses an amount of them, and you can "Stake" (freeze) them. Once Froozen, you will earn a passive interest (in King Tokens), thus creating them. Proof of Stake Mining do not need you to use a CPU or GPU (like with POW mining), you don't even need an internet connection or to perform any activity.

You are free to withdraw your earned tokens at any time, you can as well freeze (re-invest) them, letting your stake grow and your passive income as well. There is no minimum/maximum limit to the amount of King Tokens that can be frozen and unfrozen at any time.

Frozen Tokens are 100% safe, stored by the official ERC20 King Token Smart-Contract. They cannot be stolen, hacked, compromised, damaged, etc.

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