King Token (KGT) for TRON Total Supply

You can get King Shares (SHA) using KGT. Each SHA you own gives you the right to withdraw an amount of dividends (KGT) every day! The more shares you have, the bigger amount of dividends you can withdraw every day. Unwithdrawed dividends go back to the Dividends Pool. 30% of Dividends Pool is unlocked (withdrawable) every 24h. Fees (to Dividends Pool): 15% of buys, 20% of sells. Referral program: 5% on buys. Dev Fees: 0%.
ALL fees goes straight to the Dividends Pool (commissions 0%)

Total Dividends Pool:- KGT

Locked Dividends Pool: - KGT

unlocked in: -

Unlocked Dividends Pool:- KGT

My Withdrawable Dividends:- KGT
My Referral Profits:- KGT

Total Withdrawable: - KGT

Last Price
Max Supply
2500 SHA

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Current Price: KGT
KGT to Spend:
To Divs (15%): KGT
To Ref (5%): KGT
To purchase: KGT
I will receive: SHA

Sell SHA

Current Price: KGT
SHA to Sell:
Revenue: KGT
To Divs (20%): KGT

I will receive:

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This Dapp is fully supported by the KCMA, that can make open-market operations (buy SHA) at any time, in order to boost the Dividends Pool and support SHA price. SHA price is determined by the amount of KGT and SHA in this Exchange Dapp Pools (KGT/LSHA): -/ -
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